Our offer

About the Program.
Kwan’ Associates Program welcomes recent graduates and business students for a 6-month excellence program with the goal of joining one of our startups.

Associates are led by our Operations Manager and work with several startups at the same time. Their roles are crucial to the development of our startups in their pre-financial round phase.

The Program is a unique opportunity for Business and Entrepreneurship students and graduates to learn from experienced entrepreneurs in a unique atmosphere, and hopefully, to join promising startups in the making.

Who we’re looking for.
High motivation and willingness to get your hands dirty in data sets and growth hacks, a background in one of the top business schools and capacity to surprise us.

What you’ll be doing.
Work hand in hand with the CEO and CTO of several startups on growing businesses, using marketing, sales, customer relations and most importantly creativity.

Our Methodology

1 Kwan Factory generates and tests business ideas internally. Usually, ideas come naturally from our daily experience as business workers. Each idea is studied and tested internally using a unique methodology before going any further.
2 Kwan Factory partners up with a technical and a business co-founder who get 50% of the company’s shares. The studio carefully selects its co-founders based on their entrepreneurial skills, their brilliant minds, their experience, and their ambition to run a company on the long run and to bring it to “unicorn” level. eFounders’ acts as the perfect co-founder to complete the skillset to fulfil our common ambition.
3 Kwan Factory brings hands-on expertise, resources and finances each venture’s first iteration. Kwan Factory’ core team, a dozen experts in all product and growth issues, is fully involved in each venture. All rely on The Network, a powerful infrastructure of resources, homemade tools, and knowledge.
4 Kwan Factory’ startups become independent. After 18 months, usually when a startup raises a series A, each venture becomes fully autonomous. Jobs filled by Kwan Factory’ team of experts are replaced by startups’ employees. The team gets its own office, and Kwan Factory remains an active – and happy – board member. All ventures remain part of the Network and benefit from its value.

We consider that part of our job is to share our knowledge, stories and experience with the ecosystem. If you want to discuss, please get in touch with us!

Ready to join the adventure ?

You must share our ambition to build a billion-dollar company, and see yourself running it in the next seven to ten years.