2015 Vendom Talents gets its 25000th subscibers. Vendom Talents raises 250 000 euros. Gear Up is born. Gear Up is an innovative platform dedicated to promote IP and licensing of technologies.

2014 Vendom Talents is born – Vendom Talents is an innovative RH platform dedicated to Hospitality and Gatsronomy. Vendom Company is born – Vendom Company is building the future of consulting for Hospitality business.

2013 7th Degree helps and supports the 3D Alliance consortium to raise €2.6M. 7th Degree helps and supports the EUROPA Corps Studio to raise € 1.1M.

2012 7th Degree– On the same day as the creation of Kwan Factory, 7th Degree is born: a consulting company dedicated to the management of innovation. Kwan Factory – Pierre Michea develop a drastically new approach to building startups: he wants to prevent failures by testing ideas and markets, finding the perfect co-founders and providing the needed resources. Here comes the « startup studio ».

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